Farm Loans

Farm Loans Programs

You could be entitled to farm loans at highly competitive interest rates. The loans are available to both part-time and full-time farmers. Farm credit is available to farmers in different states as long as you fulfill the lenient conditions offered.

The Farm loan banks will help you do the following, among others.

  • Start, expand, improve, strengthen, market or transition ranch or family farm operations. The size of the family firm does not matter as long as it earns a reasonable income each year.
  • Commence farming as a woman farmer, ethnic minority or racially underprivileged farmer
  • Are you involved in organic farming, want to add value or make your direct sales efficient? You are one of the targets of farm loan programs.
  • Are your operations classified as alternative farming methods? This category covers aeroponics, hydroponics, freight container farming and vertical farming, among others. You will get more details from officers of the organizations to evaluate your eligibility.

Farm loans are available as full-time farm loans or part-time farm loans. This depends on how you run your farm. If all you do is farm on land, you will be eligible to get funding. If you engage in other activities and take farming as a hobby or pass-time activity, you will still be eligible.