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Our services are specifically designed to fit your financial needs and enable you to grow your business in the easiest way possible. Each type of loan program we offer, depending on the circumstances and property types, have varying rate parameters.

Commercial farm mortgage loans start at $200,000.00 with no maximum loan amount. These loans are typically for a period of 25 years with no pre-payment penalties. Most loans have payments that are due monthly or semi-annually, but we are able to set up an annual payment if special arrangements are made. Investment farms also qualify. Your enterprise can even be as small as 10 acres of land. All loans require a credit score of 680 or better.

We currently offer:

  • Agricultural Real Estate Loans
  • Hobby Farm Loans
  • Operating Loans
  • Lines of Credit Loans
  • Beginning Farmer Loans
  • Sibling Buyout Loans
  • Equipment and Livestock Loans Using Real Estate As Collateral

If you decide to begin the loan application process, American Ag offers our customers a password-protected and completely secure uploader where you can submit the necessary files. This unique feature eliminates any risk of having your personal information breached or stolen over the Internet. You can feel safe and comfortable transferring any documents with personal information & data knowing it is always thoroughly secured and stays private.